Joe & Melissa Adams

Mason City, Iowa

1980 Pontiac Trans Am

1979 Pontiac Trans Am

Background: After attending the car show for several years, I decided to join the club in 2000, Ever since the show was moved downtown from the Surf, I have been in charge of placement of the
classes around the park. Attempting to figure out how to make all these classes fit in the allotted space is challenging and in fairness all the classes are rotated around the park to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be in the shade or along the lake at some point. I use the previous year's totals to try and make sure that all entrants stay with their class, the last few years have been
particularly challenging as we have set new attendance records each year.

My cars: My wife and I currently have two Trans am's. The black 1979 was purchased in 2008 and is considered Melissa's car, it is all original at this point, as we have not done much except make sure all the mechanicals are in working order. It is hoped that in the next few years this will receive some attention as the body is starting to
get a little rough and needs a new paint job. I bought the 1980 Trans am in 1992, it was driven for several years until the little 301 blew
a head gasket, it was then stored for several years in the garage collecting dust and being used as a storage bench. In 2001 I decided I should do something with it. A quick fix to the 301 quickly
escalated into a full blown restoration that still is not complete. I replaced the 301 with a built 400 engine, rebuilt the entire suspension, brakes, transmission and rear end. I am currently working
on the body, the trunk floor will be replaced, the passenger door skin, and the roof will also be changed from a hardtop to a t-top roof.